About Us

End of Lease Carpet Cleaning Expert

We renowned  and preferred carpet cleaning company  of real state agents in Perth.

We have deep  knowledge  and expertise about carpets as we are qualified Certificate III in carpet cleaning/stain removal and we clean carpets to the Australian Standards AS/NZS Standard 3733:1995.

We can help you with managing carpets properly and effectively, and we completely understand the level of service that are required by real estate agents.


End of Lease Flea Treatment Expert

Kim’s carpet cleaning & pest conrol is one of the few carpet technicians with a pest management technician licence.

We can provide  you with  one-stop carpet cleaning & flea treatment(pet bond spray) services.

We give you a certificate and a paid in full invoice for you to present to the property manager.


Kim’s Carpet Cleaning & Pest Control  

  • Certificate III in Carpet Cleaning (National Recognized Training) #7181
  • Certificate III in Urban Pest Management(National Recognized Training) #190033
  • Certificate IICRC(Carpet Cleaning & Stain Removal) #98510
  • Health Department Registration #2390
  • Pest Management Technician Licence  #10105
  • $10M Liability Insured
  • Police Clearance
  • Working with Children Check